"Sakuraya Ryokan is a hot spring inn
that values the hospitality mind toward guests the most
since its inauguration in 1949 in the Atami Onsen area."

"Each single staff considers and devotes all-out efforts
to deliver a moment of healing by the spaces/services
where our guests can relax and enjoy from bottom of the heart."

"Thank you." "It was so good." "We'll come again."
Such words and smiles are the best reward for us.

Indulge in seasonal delicacies of Atami with the five senses in each season.
We provide specially cautiously seasonal delicacies of Atami with our all-out meticulous care.

The theme of our cuisine is "a dish to delight five senses".

With the meticulous care, our veteran chefs cook each single dish with an insistence on seasonal natural ingredients
cautiously selected from not only Atami but also from around the whole nation.

We are particular about delivering freshly made dishes to your room at the most delicious moment of all our cuisine including seafood, simmered food, soup, and sweets.

Because the streamlining is so common in these days, we rather insist on our all-out efforts and meticulous care.
Please take your time to enjoy a private and blissful time that will satisfy both your body and mind.

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Beauty of Japan, Atmosphere of Tradition, Space of Relaxation
No matter how many times you visit us, our wide variety of rooms and lavish furnishings only available at a pure Japanese inn are enjoyable.

he "Shi-Ho-Kaku" (lacquer treasure palace) rooms,
themed on the Japanese traditional craft "Urushi" (Japanese lacquer).
The "To-Zan-Kaku" (pottery mountain palace) rooms,
named after the name of a village of Japanese classic earthenwares.

As each of pure Japanese rooms on 2 themes has distinct characters/atomosphere,
you can enjoy our rooms regardless of how many times you vist us.

Also, the indoor bath in all rooms is a spa from a hot spring source.

By couples, by families, by groups...
You can enjoy a luxurious time that matches your taste and purpose.

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Sensing Seasons,Watching Stars,Indulge in Spa.
Enjoy the heaven and the stars while being melted by the hot spring source of Atami.

Two large hot spring baths. "Kaisei-no-Yu" (spa of sea stars), and "Tensei-no-Yu" (spa of heaven stars).

Our hot spring source is a mildly alkaline chloride spring at 60+ degree Celsius (140+ degree Fahrenheit) and delivers you rich effects.
Beautiful outdoor bath, sleeping bath, sauna bath, etc. You can enjoy various types of hot spring baths.

The inexhaustible hot spring gently heals both your body and mind.
Enjoy the highly beneficial spa of Atami to your heart's content.

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Greetings from Landlady


Atami Onsen Sakuraya Ryokan
Third Generation Landlady

The reason why Sakuraya has been thriving in this place in Atami for 60 years since its inauguration in 1949 is nothing but all our loyal customers as well as all the guests who visited us.

I married here when I was 23, and I have been the landlady for 40 years.
There has been so many ups and downs, and we've been through many failures. But every single time, all the customers who love Sakuraya watched over us, supported us, and raised us.

In our gratitude to such wonderful customers, we devote our utmost hospitality with smiles now.

There are many hot spring inns in Atami, but here in Sakuraya, we hope you relax as if you were in your own home and enjoy seasonal cuisine as much as you like.

We look forward to the visits of many customers to "Sakuraya".